So long story short ive been fishing with this guy twice and both times have been excellent.

If you want a guide who's knowledgeable, experienced and beyond accommodating I more than

recommend spending a day on the water with Kirby. Its so easy that the only thing you need to

bring is some caffeine so you have enough energy to catch all the fish he puts you on.

He says he cant guarantee fish but last weekend when the weather was ridiculous he still got

us on the water and put us on plenty of keeper sized crappie AND WALLEYE. Rain, snow
sleet or hail, kirby is always on the fishes tails.  - Pat Coombs, Roeland Park

"First of all let me say what a way to end a birthday weekend! My brother and i had recently gotten back into fishing together, the last year or 2, getting tired of bank fishing, we decided we'd give a guided tour a try and see how the march crappie bite was. Kirby took us to Hillsdale Lake and he kept us laughing and on top of the fish all day. Coming from someone with a disability Kirby couldn't have made it easier he tied on all the hooks/jigs and weights helped me land and unhook my fish untangle my line the list goes on and on, and to top it off, I caught the most fish we had about 25 keepers. I can't wait  until the next time we can go, good thing my brothers birthday is in May." - Andy Coombs, Roeland Park

To the Olathe Bass Pro Store Manager - This past Monday my two kids and I went on a guided fishing trip to Hillsdale lake with one of your bass pro staff team members, Crappie Kirby.  We won this guided fishing trip from your members only event in July.  Kirby greeted us with a smile and excitement about the fishing trip and supplied us with snacks and drinks . When we got on the lake he was very safety minded and he put us in a area were we caught approximately 30 Crappie and one 6lb. walleye.  Kirby is very people oriented no matter the age.  His enthusiasm was apparent and my kids were excited to get started.  The kids told me that he was awesome and they want to go again. I would recommend Kirby to anyone wanting to experience a guided fishing trip including kids.  It was a lot of fun.  
Thanks Kirby for providing a fun-filled adventure for my children.  They really enjoyed themselves as did I.
Thank you for providing unique opportunities to your Bass Pro Members.
Sincerely - Steve Ashley

"I taught Kirby everything he knows and out fish him every time we go out." - Larry Ham, Hammond Ks
(Kirby's full of bull father)

"I have been fishing with Crappie Kirby MANY times. Each time has been amazing. We were scheduled to go Hillsdale on our last trip when Kirby called and asked if I minded a bit of a drive. He told me that he had a report that the crappie were ON at Lake Melvern. I agreed and we caught our limit within 3 hours! We also landed some NICE smallmouth bass while fishing for crappie and I caught an 8 pound channel cat! It was quite a battle on Kirby's crappie gear! Great guy and great personality to guide you on an excellent fishing adventure." - Paul Smith - Solutions Point Manager in Overland Park, Ks

"I heard stories of Kirby's fishing and wrote em off as tall embellished fishing tales. After fishing with him I can testify that they are true! Kirby's dedication to catching crappie is amazing. He has put me and my son on fish many different times. My son and Kirby fished one day and my son reported that he caught more fish in that day than he did the entire previous year! Call Kirby!" - Joe Sheabel Action Inflatables, Olathe Ks

"I have fished with Kirby several times. He informed me last December that he found the crappie in 32 feet of water. We headed out, braving the cold and slayed them! We would have caught more (36 keepers in 2 hours) but the cold got the best of us!" - Dave Patterson All Pro Multi-Media, Leawood Ks

"Man, oh man" went fishing with Kirby and caught our limit.  I was told it was cold and windy but I never noticed because I was too busy catching fish.  Excellent guide and really nice guy, can't go wrong with Crappie Kirby.  Dick Lyon, retired. November 19th, 2013

"I am a 67 year old retired man with COPD and on oxygen 24/7, an experienced bass, crappie and fly fisherman who has used guide services to increase my catch rate and learn more about the bodies of waters that I fish.    I was fortunate, last summer, to have Crappie Kirby recommended to me by another guide who was not able to accommodate my time frame and have now fished with Kirby over 3 dozen times and I truly enjoy his service and friendship.  He constantly has us on fish, helps me when I am hung up, frequently, and is a joy to be with on the lake.     If you are open to learning a bit different way to catch crappie, want to learn more about the local lakes and have a great time doing it – fish with Crappie Kirby, he is a joy to be with". - Paul Juricak

Paul Passed away in March 2017, 

the Crappie are now resting easier.

I will TRULY miss him.

- Kirby

" I heard about a great experience that a neighbor of mine had with CRAPPIE KIRBY. I enjoy fishing for crappie but have had a problem finding them lately. Kirby educated me on crappie and their movement. We were on the water within 15 minutes from Olathe. Kirby rigged me up, explained his fishing technique and showed me where to cast. I landed my first (of over 30 that day) crappie within 30 seconds! I had a blast and would recommend fishing with Kirby to anyone!"

- Dr. Eric Nuer, Lenexa Ks


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Kirby is also a certified Angling Instructor by the Kansas Parks & Wildlife Dept.